How to Buy the Best Fishing Line

People say a fishing rod is the most important component of game fishing. As an angler, your catch will depend on how best you can handle your fishing rod.

People also believe that the bait is the spice of all fishing expeditions. Game fishing can either be effortless or complex, depending on the kind of bait you prefer to use. After all to bite the hook, the game must find bait that is irresistible.

Notwithstanding the important given to fishing poles and baits, you are likely to return empty handed if you ignore one of the most important components – the fishing line.

Before we discuss how to buy the best fishing line, you must learn more about how they work so you can buy them with confidence.

There are two important actions associated with a fishing line:

1) Casting – This motion ensures that the bait is cast correctly with preferred angle and the required gap. This is especially important in game fishing where each attempt adds to the success.

2) Spinning – This movement is important as it ensures that a fishing rod doesn’t give away when you are rolling the trapped fish. A good fishing line would also ensure an easy and fast spin.

Based on this information, here’s what to look out for while buying a fishing line:

1) Strength – The fishing line should have enough strength so that it doesn’t collapse while you are rolling in the catch. While buying a line, you must take into account the moisture or dryness factor of your locale. These affect the strength of the line a lot. If you live in a wet or windy location, go for cofilament cables are they are not much affected by water. Conversely if you live in a dry location, you can go for a monofilament cable. Cofilament cables are generally more expensive than the monofilament ones.

2) Resistance to Abrasion – The cord should resist abrasion so that it doesn’t lose its quality when scratched against different surfaces like stones, metals, underwater objects etc. While fishing you wouldn’t know what lies below the surface of water so it always pays to buy a line that offers high abrasion resistance. If you are using a poor quality line you would need to cut it frequently to get a fresh cord to be able to catch game.

3) Stretch – The stretch is one of the most important qualities of a fishing line. It gives proper allowance to the anglers so that they are able to catch game. It also helps the novices to gain an upper hand while fighting a hostile fish without losing the catch.