About Me

FISHER-man is my last name and it also stands for men who ikes nature, like hunters we care about animals and theyer wll beinig.Since I was teen ager I use to go fishing and hunting with my father and many times also with my grandperents. Long story short this is how I fall inlove with nature. Now when I am 36 y.o. and have 2 kids I love to take them out on kayak and spend qualiti time with them fishing.Most of the time I fish out of a boat for fun/sport so I relese most on the catch. But acausonly we also cook my catch and filing is amazing that nowadays with all thise tehnology and kinds spending 24/7 online on phones... there are people like me ( I hope you are the seme) that can provide for famaly directly from nature.  me 

ABOUT THE jfisheronline.com

So jfisheronline.com stands for Jerry Fisher online I would like to share moment knowledge on this blog help you with your fishing and inspire you to not sit inside all day. If you are new to my site Welcome and don't hesitate to contact me HERE.

“A bad day can be made better with some fishing time.”