Bushnell Sport 550 Laser rangefinder Unbiased Review

Bushnell is one of the most reliable and renowned brands that produces rangefinders and other hunting gears. It has produced and released some of the best rangefinders for the passionate hunters in the past. It is introducing some more impressive models in 2017. Sport, Trophy, and Trophy Xtreme are a few names of those Bushnell Rangefinders, which have helped hunters in hitting the bull’s eye on every shot. This brand’s products provide a long-lasting service, better performance on the field, and make all your shots perfect shots to hunt the prey. Here we are reviewing the Bushnell Sport 550 Laser rangefinder to reveal all the facts about this rangefinder.

Product information:

The Bushnell Sport 550 Rangefinder seems like a reliable, durable, and affordable choice as a laser rangefinder. It is a tested product that provides an accurate measurement within a few seconds and thus it takes off the pressure of your eyes. It is a lightweight laser rangefinder and thus you can comfortably carry it anywhere you go for hunting. This rangefinder is designed to provide an accurate measurement of distances between 10-550 yards. Of course, it is a hunting gear, but you can also use it while playing golf. It is a vertical rangefinder and you can measure the distance quite conveniently. Therefore, there is no chance to beat this amazing rangefinder.

Key features of Bushnell Sport 550 Rangefinder:

  • It is a weather resistant rangefinder, which means you can use anytime and under any sort of climate condition.
  • It offers 4x magnification for more accurate visibility.
  • It is built to provide an accurate measurement within 550 yards range.
  • It is a compact and lightweight laser rangefinder and thus it is convenient to carry anywhere you go.
  • It has vertical configuration.
  • It produces crystal clear and bright optics.
  • It is a waterproof and rugged rangefinder that will last for a long time.

Top reasons to buy this rangefinder:

When other brands are trying to make more profit by selling their rangefinders of similar specs at expensive prices, Bushnell is charging a very fair price for its product. In addition, it is the best rangefinder for the beginners. You can trust it for the performance and durability, if you are buying a laser rangefinder for hunting or golfing for the first time. It is cost-effective, but that does not mean that Bushnell has compromised with the features and quality of the product. It measures accurate distance, offers high-quality optics, and it is durable too. So, you can trust this rangefinder for taking a perfect shot on the field.

Pros and Cons:


  • It costs a more affordable price than many other laser rangefinders and yet it maintains a very high-quality. You can call it a rare example of quality and price.
  • It is a water resistant rangefinder, which is built to work in all sorts’ weather conditions.
  • It is compact in size and it has vertical design that makes measurement pretty simple and offers an easy grip.
  • It is a perfect choice for the beginners because they can learn how to use and maintain the device without getting worried about the damage.
  • It offers 4x magnification.


The magnification may not be impressive for the pro hunters and golfers, but still it is an affordable choice.


You should not put more pressure on your eyes, if you used to play golf and hunt by applying the guess work. Now is the time to use the technology that makes everything easier for us. You should buy the Bushnell Sport 550 Laser Rangefinder, if you want to perform better on the field.  If you want to read more reviews like this one visit www.theoutdoorfreak.com/best-rangefinders-available-today